Dogwood Architecture

Founded on the principles of sustainability and respect for the Earth’s resources, Dogwood Architecture provides architectural design services, tailored to clients’ needs and lifestyles.  Dogwood Architecture intends to create enduring, functional spaces that inspire.



Eric Jabaley AIA, LEED-AP

Growing up as a witness to Atlanta’s rapid growth from city to metropolis, Eric developed an appreciation for the importance of principled design to shape the architectural landscape of a community.  After completing a B.S. in Architecture at Clemson University in 1993, Eric spent the next decade gaining experience in drafting while developing an understanding of building practices.  Hands-on experience in framing and design-build/renovation contributed to a design ethic rooted in practical experiences.  Eric also worked for architecture firms engaged in projects ranging from single-family residential to institutional and public projects.  In 2007, Eric earned his Masters of Architecture from N.C. State University. Eric has served as a board member of the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance since 2011, helping to merge the organization with the North Carolina chapter of the United States Green Building Coucil. Eric also serves as a director for the Wilmington chapter of the American Institute of architects. This broad scope of experience informs the versatility of Eric’s work today.